If I don't do [x], pester me

Keeping on track is hard. Pester helps you build the tracks to keep your life rolling smoothly.

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Stay on track

Pester is IFFTT for negative conditions. Pester won't be heard from until something doesn't happen.


Coding is hard. Pester enables you to set up your own notification flow without a lick of code.

Goes beyond push notifications

Push notifications are pathetic. Pester lets you remind you in many ways, repeatedly.

More notification methods are being added and enabled.

Stay accountable

You don't need to only notify yourself. You can notify another person so they can gently... or not gently remind you.

Missing an app? Request it!

Pester is tiny + new. If an app has an API and an interesting endpoint, send us a message. We are a team of one but can move fast.

Supported Apps

Pester is new + tiny. More apps will be added as quickly as possible.

As notifications

  • SMS

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Browser

As triggers

  • Todoist

  • Withings

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